PDG Film Services range of aerial camera systems has been carefully chosen so that we provide our customers with the latest technology that delivers stunning quality and the ultimate film tools for cinematic creativity. We deliver the capability to shoot with virtually any digital format camera to suit television, live broadcast, drama, commercials and movie production. All of our systems are operated, supported and maintained by skilled and experienced professionals.


The F1 has rapidly become the most requested aerial camera system available with directors and DOP’s demanding its use for their productions.

It features a rock solid 6-axis gyro stabilized gimbal with a unique design that allows it to look vertically while remaining completely controllable. The system can also be used with a motorised polarizer and the highly effective rain spinner, which allows the system to film in rain.
The most unique feature of the F1 system is the ability to use your own camera and lens inside the F1 system.

Shotover Camera systems


The Shotover K1 is the big brother to the F1 system and can accept larger or multiple cameras.

It features the same rock solid 6-axis stability and unique design that allows it to look vertically while remaining completely controllable. This system is suited to larger cameras such as IMAX and can also be fitted multiple cameras for 3D and special effects.

Shotover Camera systems

GSS C516

The GSS C516 is a compact lightweight gyro-stabilised gimbal that can be fitted with a range of pre-built camera and lens payloads

The GSS C516 allows camera and lens payloads to be swapped out in less than 30 minutes, it also features Vector Steering which allows for look-down capability. Our systems can also be equipped with still image cameras and lenses, please contact us for further information.

GSS Camera Systems


We own and operate the versatile Cineflex V14 HD aerial camera system, recognised and used all over the world on award winning productions for both film and TV

The V14 HD is a 5-axis gyro stabilised camera system fitted with a high definition Sony HDC-1500 camera and Fujinon HA42x9.7 lens. The system features rock solid stabilisation which allows full use of the massive 42x lens. The system is suited to live broadcast and general productions.

Helicopter Filming Services

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