Red Digital Cinema camera menus have always been a topic of discussion for camera operators with some operators loving them and some hating them but when using a Red camera in a helicopter mounted gimbal for aerial filming, clear and instant access to settings are essential and thats why PDG Film Services use FoolControl.

Foolcontrol is a powerful IOS app designed by Mikael Lubtchansky for use with Red cameras which provides intuitive controls and features for RED cameras. Compatible with SCARLET, EPIC, and WEAPON either by wifi or serial connection. Foolcontrol offers easy-to-use settings to manage virtually every major parameter available on RED cameras.

If you are operating a gyro stabilised gimbal mounted on the front of a helicopter the wifi version isn’t the right option so PDG Film Services worked with Mikael to integrate the serial version of Foolcontrol into our Shotover F1 camera system. This delivers the full creative control of Red cameras with rock solid reliability and also allows the use and instant switching of custom presets.

Shotover F1 Camera System

Foolcolor Website