We operate the largest inshore fleet of filming helicopters in the UK and Ireland. Comprising of both single and twin engine aircraft, ranging in size and each suited to a broad range of filming tasks. In addition to filming, our helicopters can be used to transport crew and equipment to remote locations. We can also supply specialist aerial crane services to carry underslung loads up to 1000kg. All of our helicopters are maintained to exacting standards by our in-house engineering facilities within PDG Aviation Services.


The safety, power and manoeuvrability of this helicopter make it the ideal choice as a filming helicopter. The aircraft can be fitted with a broad range of camera mounts and systems.
Cruise speed is 140mph, while lifting capacity is 1000kg B1 & B2.

This helicopter is also perfect for the rapid transportation of production crew and equipment


If you want to film over towns and cities and need to be lower than 1500ft then you need the AS355 Twin Squirrel helicopter. The power and size of the helicopter makes it ideal for aerial filming and with its reduced noise footprint at low level, which also significantly reduces noise pollution to the public. Cruise speed is 140mph

The aircraft can be fitted with a wide range of camera mounts and camera systems.

As well as using the AS355 as a filming helicopter we can also supply this aircraft type as a 'look alike' police helicopter with high visibility paint scheme and decals. It can also be equipped with fully operational thermal image camera and nightsun etc.


PDG Film Services can provide an Airbus AS355 F1 police helicopter (look-a-like) for TV and film use

We have AS355 helicopters painted in high visibility yellow and black paint schemes which can be fitted with a fully operational thermal image camera system and night sun spotlight together with mock up police decals and markings for TV, commercials and film production.


The Eurocopter EC135 is a state-of-the-art multi-purpose twin engine helicopter.
Our 2 EC135 helicopters are specially equipped with all the required safety equipment to allow them to safely operate offshore making the aircraft the ideal choice for filming sailing events, ships, oil rigs and remote islands.

The main cabin of the EC135 is accessed by large sliding doors on either side of the cabin. 

The EC135 can be equipped with our AirFilm Step Mount for use with Shotover F1 & M1 camera systems for the ultimate in off shore filming.

The aircraft is equipped with a custom power supply to cater for all camera system electronics.


The Airbus AS365N2 (Dauphin) is a large spacious helicopter that seats 8 people in comfort. The Dauphin has a cruise speed of 150mph which makes it a very comfortable and efficient way to transport talent or crew to and from location.

Our 2 Dauphin helicopters are regularly used for location recce's and crew transportation.